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AAAG membership: To join AAAG or to renew an existing membership, please follow one of the application methods listed below.  AAAG membership is by calendar year (January 1 - December 31). After October 1, AAAG membership payments and requests for print subscriptions to Human Biology are applied to the next rather than current calendar year unless you specifically request a retroactive current year membership.

AAAG members receive a 40% discount on annual subscriptions to Human Biology with students members receiving a more deeply discounted rate.
Several combinations of AAAG membership + Human Biology subscription are available. 

Current membership categories and rates:

Membership Type Cost
Membership Without Journal Subscription $40.00
Membership Without Journal Subscription (Student) $15.00
Full Online Subscription $137.20
Full Print Subscription $137.20
Full Print Subscription (Outside the U.S.) $257.20
Full Print & Online Subscription $144.40
Full Print & Online Subscription (Outside the U.S.) $264.40
Student Online Subscription $48.60
Student Print Subscription $48.60
Student Print Subscription (Outside U.S.) $168.60
Student Print & Online Subscription $55.80
Student Print & Online Subscription (Outside U.S.) $175.80

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Admixed Populations
Ancient DNA
Complex Traits
Gene Identification
Gene-Culture Coevolution
Genetic Epidemiology
Indigenous Populations
Mendelian Traits
Migration and Demography
Population Genetics
Primate Genetics
Quantitative Methods
Y-Chromosome DNA

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